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Martin's Introduction to Pilates

During our Reimagine event in July 2022, Martin will be leading the group through at least one Pilates session - he is certified as an instructor up to Level 2 . Until you try Pilates, you may discount it as not much of a workout, and maybe "more for the ladies". But trust me, it is harder than it looks, particularly if you are doing it correctly, and it can be very effective in developing your core strength, balance, coordination and alignment. It was developed by Joseph Pilates, who believed that mental and physical health were interrelated.

And though you may have seen all sorts of machines and equipment used in Pilates, you can get a fantastic workout with nothing more than a mat on the floor (a.k.a. Mat Pilates). Here's a little video wherein Martin talks about his first experience with surprised him, and intrigued him. Join us in St. Lucia for 10 days of mindfulness, movement and nutrition to reimagine your life! Click here for details.

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