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M'agine Nutrition provides holistic nutrition counselling and meal plans, respecting the mind, body and sprit connection.  We believe in eating whole, locally grown/raised food and choosing organic foods whenever possible.   We acknowledge that each of us is biochemically unique and has unique nutritional needs.  As individuals, we must take responsibility for our health through the choices we make every day.  Using diet, activity and lifestyle choices, we can improve our digestion, physical and mental performance, sleep, mood, skin and hair, and numerous other aspects of our well-being.



M'agine Nutrition is based in Edmonton, Canada, but we can help you no matter where you live.  Our hectic lives, together with modern farming practices and our desire for convenience, have removed us from our connection with whole, good-quality, nutritious food in its most natural state.  As a result, we are battling chronic illnesses and seeking out quick fixes and band-aid solutions that only mask the issues.  M'agine Nutrition provides holistic nutrition counselling and customized meal plans, whether you are interested in a one-time consultation or on-going support.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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SERVICES (Check your benefit plan for coverage.  We are able to direct bill Alberta Blue Cross.)

Discovery Call - FREE!

Get in touch and we'll chat for 20-30 minutes about your main health concerns, how my process works, what I can offer you and also what I cannot do for you.  Then we can decide how to proceed and get you on your way to leading your best life!

Basic Assessment - $75 CAD

General dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations aimed at addressing your main health concern.  Requires you to complete a Lifestyle Assessment Form.

Full Assessment - $150 CAD

Includes a detailed review of body systems and lifestyle assessment with customized dietary, supplementary and lifestyle recommendations to address your main health concerns.  Requires you to complete both a Lifestyle Assessment Form as well as a Nutri-Systems Profile.

Customized Meal Plan - $50 to $100 CAD

Looking for 5 day or 7 day?  Wanting to go plant-based?  Need to support your immune system, or address stress and anxiety?  Or have you had a full assessment done, and want a meal plan that addresses your main health concerns?  Our meal plans are highly customizable and flexible.  The price will really depend on what you are looking for.  Includes grocery list and recipes.

Follow-Up Assessment - $75 CAD to $100 CAD

After following our recommendations from the Full Assessment, we can meet to assess your progress, recommend next steps if necessary, or address other health concerns not yet discussed.

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Nutrition - Maxine G. Klak, C.H.N.

Maxine is Certified in Holistic Nutrition     and graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) with merit in July of 2019.  Her interest in nutrition arose from her desire to address her own health concerns of rising cholesterol numbers and an ever-growing list of allergic reactions and food sensitivities.  She is interested in helping others to take charge of their own health through dietary and lifestyle changes.


She is a member of the CSNN Alumni Association and the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP).  She has also earned her Food Handler Certificate, meeting the requirements of the Province of Alberta, Canada.


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A few changes to my diet in the morning made all the difference in my energy throughout the day, thanks! - Matt N.

A very comprehensive review of my current state of health which helped identify several areas of opportunity to improve my diet.  Although in early stages, bringing awareness to causes of my symptoms has helped me chart a course to better health.  Thank you! - Karen M.

I had a very good experience with M'agine Nutrition.  Maxine was very thorough, provided realistic recommendations, and I am very happy with my results.  I lost 8 lbs, had more energy throughout the day, and overall, I feel that my health has improved.  I would definitely recommend M'agine Nutrition! - Janelle B.

The insights and knowledge I received from my assessment with Maxine, has really improved my digestive system and was able to stop my crazy sugar cravings.  I overall feel more efficient, full of energy, and healthy. Thank you Maxine, for the time and care you take into explaining everything to me.  - Christy M.

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