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M'agine Fitness is based in Soufriere, St. Lucia but trains clients in many countries around the world, including the UK, Australia and Canada.  Some of his clients prefer working out in their home, others take their devices to the gym and workout with Martin from there via Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, or whatever works for them.  Whatever your personal preference or fitness goals, Martin will support you every step of the way!

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M'agine Fitness offers personal training, group fitness, Pilates and dance classes for all ages and fitness levels. We offer our services to clients anywhere they live, wherever they choose to workout, whether at home or at the gym. No matter what your fitness goals are, if you can iMagine them, we can make them happen. 

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Personal Training

One-on-one training to achieve your fitness goals.  We make sure the foundation pieces are in place (posture, form, imbalances) so as to minimize your chance of injury, and maximize your desired results.

Group Training

A variety of group fitness classes are available, including circuits, dance, HIIT, Pilates, ab attack, stretch, etc.


One-on-one or group classes available.  No prior experience required.  Choose from Beginners/Introduction, Level 1 or Level 2.

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Fitness - Martin Jn Baptiste

At a fairly young age, Martin became interested in the mind-body connection and began to study the subject avidly.  Along his journey, he discovered a passion for fitness, and for training others. He has over ten years of experience in studying, training and teaching classes ranging from dance, (salsa, street dance, jive, Zumbato boxing, HIIT, indoor cycling (spin), and Pilates to name a few.


He strives to introduce every client to the best version of themselves that they can possibly iMagine, by applying his knowledge and experience as a Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner.

"One can only be and perform what one thinks, one thinks and knows. Think your best, know thyself". Martin

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Our sessions were a highlight of my trip.  He is so knowledgeable.  I felt VERY challenged but safe in his capable hands.  I highly recommend him!  - Suzanne M.

Excellent PT and group instructor, always challenging and probably knows your body, and therefore what you need to work on, better than you do!  - Lynda H.

Great coach, excellent personality .. on your way to becoming the best .. 5 star.  - Keon A.

Holistic coach... mind, body and soul.  You'll feel like a million bucks! - Armin D.

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